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Whirlpool Duet Error Codes


CA or CI Average current limit or Instantaneous current limit If a status signal comes back from the motor controller that a current limit has been breached, the unit will return F7 - E1 Common switch wire is defective Common wire (+5VDC) to latch switch, and to door switch is shorted to chassis ground or neutral. Choose your product type Plate location Common number model plates Common model number plates View sample model numbers by selecting your product brand Close Whirlpool Washer Error codes for High-Efficiency Front-Load This condition occurs when excessive water in the tub causes the overfill switch to trip. http://compaland.com/whirlpool-duet/whirlpool-duet-ht-error-codes-f-dl.html

Measure latch switch (unlatch = switch open, CAUTION - oven light contacts are closed). SUDS Error - Suds fault. Replace motor controller. F1 - E1 EEPROM checksum error F1 - E2 UL A/D error(s) F1 - E4 Model ID error F1 - E5 Calibration shifted F1 - E6 Latch signal mismatch error F1 https://www.reference.com/home-garden/whirlpool-duet-washer-error-codes-4c617adc644657d6

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes F21

If there are no connection problems, the motor control board and/or the main control board usually need to be replaced. Rave Reviews "I thought it was the best online shopping experience that I have ever had when it comes to parts." Eric H. Add to Want to watch this again later?

Unplug the unit to service. Verify inlet valve operation If there is water in the unit: 1. See the repair guide to fix it yourself Motor control board, Wiring harness F/11 Serial communication error between main electronic ontrol board and motor control board Check the connections on the Whirlpool Duet Dryer Error Codes Run a Duet Washer Quick Diagnostic Test and make sure that the washer is mechanically working correctly.

Check for Proper Installation, verify the unit is not located near a source of heat and has proper ventilation. Whirlpool Duet Reset at the Duet control's DP2 connection and at the drain pump. Your Duet washer has detected a load during a washer cleaning cycle. http://applianceassistant.com/Washer-Repair/Duet/Duet-Washer-Repair-Guide.php Press STOP/CANCEL to clear the display.

Discount will be automatically applied during check-out. Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes F02 To remove the code, press pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. Clear Stored Duet Error & Fault Codes Not all washer made by Whirlpool have the ability to clear error code memory. Press and hold any key down for 1 minute to clear F5 failure code from memory.

Whirlpool Duet Reset

Okay Or call now for immediate assistance: 1-800-252-1698 Note: new item(s) added to cart Part Name Price: Quantity: Continue shopping View Cart and Checkout More Accessories Subscribe today and receive: FREE https://www.reference.com/home-garden/whirlpool-duet-washer-error-codes-4c617adc644657d6 Loading... Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes F21 I have had several of these become unplugged at the sensor connection at the back of the washer drum. (Duet Washer Temperature Sensor Check) F5E1 Error - Door switch fault. Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes F20 Replace probe if all else checks out ok.

Whirlpool Washer Repair Guides | More Repair Guides | Login | Join Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code F9 E1 Long Drain Long Drain Error - The washer is not draining or have a peek at these guys How do you access Whirlpool Duet washer fault codes? Then reconnect the hoses to your washer and do a Duet Washer Quick Diagnostic Test. Follow ApplianceAssistant on Twitter! About Appliance Repair Safety Legal Stuff Sponsor a Child => Future Hope Ministries Copyright Appliance Assistant, LLC. 2015 skip navigation Click to Call Click to Chat Whirlpool Top Load Washer Error Codes

Repeat steps A and B for door switch. 3. The best way I have found to deal with the water when your washer's drain pump isn't working is to use a shop vac and pull from the drain hose. F8E4 Error - Flow meter fault. http://compaland.com/whirlpool-duet/whirlpool-duet-error-codes-f3-e2.html Follow ApplianceAssistant on Twitter!

No => What if you have a heavy load of like items (all towels) on a short normal cycle? Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer Error Codes Check Wire Harness connectors to the Drain Pump, Pressure Switch, and Central Control Unit (CCU) Check/Clean Drain Pump Filter of foreign objects Check Drain Pump Check Pressure Switch Check CCU F/dL Attempt a Duet Washer Quick Diagnostic Test Does The Washer Have Power? => No Look at "Duet washer wont turn on" (one up) Duet Washer's Door Won't Lock Unplug the washer

F02 Long Drain If the drain time exceeds 8 minutes, the water valves are turned off and F02 is flashed.

Er Processor reset error This error code is displayed if the control failed to save cycle information during a power failure. Press STOP/CANCEL to clear the display. Temperature sensor F/06 Motor tachometer Unplug the washer and check the wiring between the motor control board and the drive motor. Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code F11 ob Off balance If the motor controller detects an unrecoverable off-balance condition, the machine controller will shut down and display an "ob" for off balance.

The machine control board may have a bad relay and may need to be replaced. Once you are in the Duet washer's diagnostic mode and have recorded any errors that the washer has in it's little computer brain, press and hold the 3rd button used to Subscribe ApplianceAssistant on Youtube! Menu Home Washers Dryers Refrigerators Dishwashers Stoves Videos Manuals Parts Whirlpool Duet Front-Load Washing Machine Repair Guide. this content Back to top Display of Time Remaining seems long for my Front Load Washer Error codes in top load high-efficiency washers Was this article helpful?YesNo Recommended articles There are no recommended

Unplug the washer for 5 minutes, restore power and see if the code clears. F1, F2, F6 Are main control and program faults.