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What Is Motive Smartbridge Error

I have stop it from from MSConfig from loading on start up. I have to do the ctl-alt-dlt and end task to get it to stop. Perhaps it cannot be found because my spyware program saw it and took out the executable file. If you want a detailed security rating about your MotiveSB.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.

p.s. We will get back with solution of your problem in 24 hours or less. oser4Now Installs as part of many ISP software packages. No problem for me when deleted michael leacock Zone Alarm reports that it attempts to monitor keyboard and mouse.

It can change the behavior of other programs or manipulate other programs. However, this can stop other applications which use newer version of this DLL from working properly. It is recommended to remove Motive SmartBridge immediately. All comments about MotiveSB.exe: installed as part of Verizon DSL service.

It always pops up when I start my computer, and I cannot find it to delete it. Trend Micro kept popping up every 5 seconds. Security Rating: --- don't know --- 1 (not dangerous) 2 3 (neutral) 4 5 (dangerous) Your opinion about this file: Web page with more details: Your first name: More process B.J.

Probably part of Verizon Online Support Center in the systray. What to do if a program does not uninstall The easiest way to remove any kind of software cleanly and accurately is to use an uninstaller tool. does anyone know how to stop this from happening? With the above information or by using tools like Security Task Manager you can determine if, in your case, the file is an undesirable variant.

Don't know if this is abnormal, but this software 100% definitely was creating our spyware nightmare. It consumes about a continous 40% of the processes, makes my dell 2.4 GHz laptop noticably slower. Edited by tos226, 12 June 2005 - 07:12 PM. My set up had needes TWO 'Start/Shut down computer' operations to close out.

Thanks to you all here, I ran MSConfig and just disabled that pesky sucker. I have SBCYahoo DSL. Trial version of SpyHunter provides detection of computer threats like Motive SmartBridge for FREE. Ron L I have the same problem jimrozzi It gets installed with BT Yahoo broadband.

um verison like really sucks ive gotten so many viruses Summary: 48 users judge MotiveSB.exe to be an essential file that should not be touched. 11 users consider it harmless. Here you will find complete description and solution for «smart bridge alerts motivesb.exe» problem. Motive SmartBridge intrusion method Motive SmartBridge installs on your PC along with free software. The MotiveSB file is not part of the Windows operating system.

Denied it access. It's not dangerous, but tends to send endless pop-ups with error messages. In some cases adware programs are protected by malicious service or process and it will not allow you to uninstall it. I read that it could be malware (as some programms bad programs pretend to be MotiveSB.exe) but it mustn't...

kec See also: Link AB Seems to have come with verison DSL software 13dogs Go to there website for more information, supposed to help us customers with stuff. All Rights Reserved. I'm hoping that one of you with actual knowledge can help me.

Protect computer and browsers from infection Adware threats like Motive SmartBridge are very wide-spread, and unfortunatelly many antiviruses fail to detect it.

Register now! See also: Link anonymous This file prevents click to dvd from operating on sony computers. BLEEPINGCOMPUTER NEEDS YOUR HELP! We recommend SecurityTaskManager for verifying your computer's security.

Below are instructions for different version if Windows. You definitely SHOULD NOT touch PSAPI.DLL located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. Cunningly, the executable gives you no clues as to its function other than the name. Windows 7/Vista Click Start and choose Control Panel.

I needed to hear it from here. Reads entry point not found in Dynamic library PSAPI.DLL. DraigGwym Installs with SBC DSL -- doesn't uninstall when using 'Add or Remove Programs' for the rest of the SBC crap. Jeff Martens Will transmit 80+ items of system data to server I wasn't sure so I blocked it with my Norton anonymous it records your keystrokes......

Freeware offers you to install additional module (Motive SmartBridge). If there is no entry there go to Start>run and type msconfig - under the startup tab look for MotiveSB.exe and untick it. IIRC I did, then something didn't work. thanh installed as part of NTL broadband in the UK - a nuisance, but should be harmless John It just checks to see if theres any problems with my broadband connection..

To learn more and to read the lawsuit, click here. Part of the NtL Broadband stuff Raypist It is just a crazy piece of crap that came with the Telus ADSL (eCare CD). Click to Run a Free Scan for MotiveSB.exe related errors MotiveSB.exe file information MotiveSB.exe process in Windows TaskManager The process known as Motive SmartBridge or Verizon SmartBridge or SBC Self Support Click Remove button.

Choose Programs and Features and Uninstall a program. Now I know what it is and how to get rid of it. Click to Run a Free Scan for MotiveSB.exe related errors Users Opinions Average user rating of MotiveSB.exe: based on 166 votes. pc_tech_mobile MotiveSB.exe is a part of TELUS eCare SmartBridge's Internet Security program(s) which also helps manage my email and internet problems.