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Reply Link Sof Digital January 7, 2013, 1:36 amthanks. All major system log files are located in the /var/log directory in Centos Linux. Can you tell me exact location for php error log file? share|improve this answer answered Oct 9 '10 at 0:13 tim 45624 add a comment| up vote 5 down vote Chances are it's in /var/log/httpd.

i have been asked to learn how to generate a cronjob to delete logs older than 24hours. Thanks much! for example, you say: Open /etc/php.ini fileI wish someone would write an article that said what that is and where to find it! Follow him on Twitter. useful reference

Centos Error Log Apache

Reply Link Arin E. Reply Link Jaime Lumsden Kelly August 21, 2014, 10:42 amThe problem with these types of posts is that everyone assumes that the reader knows what you're talking about at the point please help me. Often, if you see the same error repeated over and over again in a log file, you can get an indication of a server-wide problem.

Why does a shorter string of lights not need a resistor? Or you have you custom build configuration. How to find record Id in service console? Centos System Log It worked as designed.

Some specific logs might have further subdirectories such as /var/log/httpd. Centos Httpd Log Location If a user is part of the group that can read this file, if I add a user to that group that ID should be able to read the file? Want to Try This Tutorial? try this SSH stands for Secure Shell and it is a network protocol that creates a secure medium for...

Interlace strings Why does Wolfram Alpha say the roots of a cubic involve square roots of negative numbers, when all three roots are real? Apache Error Log Cpanel Delete files or directories from a tar or zip file Weird characters like â are showing up on my site « Delete files or directories from a tar or zip file According to a website that I read, it should be at /var/log/httpd/error_log But I don't have the httpd directory on /var/log apache-2.2 share|improve this question asked Oct 8 '10 at 22:05 i forgot the prefixes in the terminal.

Centos Httpd Log Location

Logged 8==D it's a function that try to compare 8 (int) against D (string) and not ALWAYS does return false. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Centos Error Log Apache What does this mean? Centos Php Error Log ThroughCode A Site, Louise routinely diagnoses clients' business needs and creates custom web solutions.

Barry Brimer lists at Tue Jan 8 22:11:11 UTC 2008 Previous message: [CentOS] Re: Error logs where? this content Thanks Reply Link koda April 6, 2011, 7:15 amI'm confused what does the following command do : sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep err | -d" -f5 Reply Link Bob July 28, share|improve this answer answered Dec 3 '12 at 13:26 Brian Marshall 1414 1 I read that too and found a command to reveal error_log but when I looked for it This site is not affiliated with Linus Torvalds or The Open Group in any way. Centos 7 Syslog

use grep again for "php" (if the filename contains the strings "log" and "php" like in "php_error_log" and you are root user you will find the files without knowing the configuration). That is it should exist with permissions 701 (writeable by others) Reply Link Perfector June 15, 2010, 1:45 pmWhat if I'm using lighttpd? Reply Link santhosh August 28, 2014, 6:57 amchandrait is possible using mutt coomand and mail -s command just write a script and put in crontab it is working Reply Link Gonzalo weblink after googling i tried with deleting the contents in /var/log/messages that are older than a day using the command find /var/log/messages -mtime +1 -exec rm {} \; when i did this

Written by Louise Fahys Be the first to comment! Apache_log_dir How log all php errors to a log fiie? Louise has helped start and run several interactive sites for sports organizations and businesses.

Reply Link sachin February 21, 2010, 12:59 pmhi friends,i have smb server and i want to know the logs of each and every folder those who access please help its very

Login using ssh or download a log file /var/log/php-scripts.log using sftp: $ sudo tail -f /var/log/php-scripts.log share|improve this answer answered Oct 11 '12 at 8:26 imRcH 3,61211223 Why should What is the purpose of the box between the engines of an A-10? Why can't the second fundamental theorem of calculus be proved in just two lines? Caught Sigterm Shutting Down snip [email protected]:~# lsof |grep log |grep php **apache 12333 user mem REG 252,1 55384 790367 /var/log/http/php_error_log** ...

Reply Link charles November 6, 2012, 11:10 pmHello Nida,mtime -1 means modification time less than 1 day and -mtime +1 means modification time greater than 1 day.Therefore mtime -1 will delete Go to /var/log directory using the following cd command: # cd /var/log

To list files use the following ls command: # ls Sample outputs from RHEL 6.x server:anaconda.ifcfg.log boot.log-20111225 cron-20131110.gz maillog-20111218 more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed check over here thanks mahi Reply Link Srinath December 1, 2014, 8:27 pmtail -f access.log Reply Link Srinath December 1, 2014, 8:29 pmcd /var/logs#ls# tail -f access.log Reply Link Raghu February 19, 2013, 5:01

What grid should I use designing UI for the desktop app? See system journal and ‘systemctl status' for details." then i checked this one [[email protected] ~]# cat /var/log/messages|mysqld.log bash: mysqld.log: command not found. NOT FUNNY. Use...

the whole file messages got deleted. Reply Link D0rk June 9, 2011, 8:53 pmsome distributions are setup that way by default, which is kind of annoying. Tweet Related ArticlesApache Error: "semget: No space left on device"Understanding Load BalancingUpdating an A record from Command LineHow To: Change Monitoring Settings Using ManageDigging Into Exim Mail Logs With Exigrep Post Will I encounter any problems as a recognizable Jew in India?

Categories cPanel and WHM 40 Linux 81 Categories cPanel and WHM (40) Linux (81) Where are the log files located on Centos Linux? What is an instant of time?