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Whirlpool Electric Range Error Codes


CA or CI Average current limit or Instantaneous current limit If a status signal comes back from the motor controller that a current limit has been breached, the unit will return F99 NOT SUPPORTED User selected on the UI the unsuppor ted Cycle on the CCU. A: You can find repair parts for a Whirlpool oven on, and After disconnecting power to the unit, try scraping this coating off the pins. • Check the resistance values between the serial communications pins with the connectors in place. weblink

Or If the control has turned the water valves on and after 8 minutes the flow meter has detected 10.5 gallons of water passing through it, but has not detected the The drive motor must be hooked up properly or a "CE" error will occur. • Drive motor thermal protector has opened. • Motor controller is not powered or fuse has opened. Measure door switch (door open = switch open small low voltage terminals). The wires should be to the left when facing the MCU connectors.

Whirlpool Oven Error Codes E2 F3

Check wire harness connections to the MCU, the motor, and Central Control Unit (CCU). Note: The door lock/switch assembly can be manually unlocked. Look for pinched wire. Disconnect power and unplug the unit to check wire harness connections to the motor, MCU, and Central Control Unit (CCU).

Check wire harness connections between the drive motor and the Motor Control Unit (MCU), and b etween the MCU and the Central Control Unit (CCU). Household power supply is too low. 2. Q: How do you replace a dryer hose? Whirlpool Top Load Washer Error Codes If the oven temperature sensor resistance and wire harness connections are okay, replace the electronic oven control (EOC).

Check the inlet valve for proper shut off. 7. Whirlpool Range Error Code F9e0 F23 HEATER FAILURE If the temperature increase during the first 40 minutes is less than 86°F (30°C). 1. Note: Applies to all F5-E...

They don't build ovens.

Check wire harness connections to the drain pump, pressure switch, and Central Control Unit (CCU). 4. Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine Error Codes Refer to the Continuity tests. If door is NOT latched, disconnect power from unit and check wires and connections. F21 LONG DRAIN If the drain time exceeds 8 minutes the water valves turn off.

Whirlpool Range Error Code F9e0

Prior to solid-state appliances, the oven owners had the ability to purchase parts and replace them until the oven worked correctly. Owners troubleshoot this error by turning off the range's power for 30 seconds; if the error code appears again, oven control system replacement is required. Whirlpool Oven Error Codes E2 F3 Flashing display time Open lid If the lid opens while the unit is in running mode, time remaining will flash in the display. Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes E1 F07 Motor control unit error The Central Control Unit has detected a short in the motor control unit.

Check the drive system for any worn or failed components. 5. have a peek at these guys FdL Door lock error A Door Lock Error occurs if the door cannot be locked. DOUBLE OVENS Most double ovens have two control boards. Check connections of the CCU board within the housing. Whirlpool Oven Error Codes F5

Reconnect the oven temperature sensor wire if loose. Check door switch/lock unit. 3. F11 Serial communication error Communication between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the Motor Control Unit (MCU) cannot be sent correctly. check over here Unplug the unit to service.

Oftentimes these sheets may be found behind the control panel, or beneath the broiler pan. (See Figure 3-G in Chapter 3) If your oven does not contain a diagnostic sheet, the Whirlpool Oven Error Codes E6 F2 For SELF CLEAN models, check door lock operation. Check wires and connectors from control to door switch, then from door switch to control.

If you are not sure whether the code you are seeing is due to a problem with the timer please call us, or send us an email, since we can help

In normal use (a little blockage is normal) the steamer cleans itself. F03 HEATER SC TO GROUND The Heater has a internal short circuit. Allow at least a minute after power has been restored and if error code reappears, replace control board (clock). Whirlpool Split Ac Error Codes If you have a cooling fan, be sure to check it for proper operation.

If all connections are good, then check the individual switches as outlined for the F5 failure. ^ top 2 Digit Failure Codes F0 Board failure Replace control board (also called ERC Open and close the oven door to see if the oven door switch turns the oven light on and off when the oven door is opened and closed. Press STOP/CANCEL to clear the display.

Refrigerator 25 Cu. Check the drive system for any worm or failed components and reconnect power and plug unit in.

Press CANCEL and observe for 1 minute to ensure operation is correct. 2. The wires should be to the left when facing the MCU connectors. 9. If the F2 error reappears after 60 seconds, then the keypad requires replacement. Unplug the meat probe and measure the resistance of the meat probe using a volt/ohm meter.